Kaweah River Rafting

A guide to California Whitewater Rafting

About Kaweah-River.com: A California White Water Rafting Resource

Lithium Rapid on the Kaweah Riverwww.Kaweah-River.com provides information about California white water rafting on the Kaweah River for use by experienced rafters and paddlers. This site includes a general river description and covers topics like Kaweah River flows, access points and camping and lodging options.

www.Kaweah-River.com was created by the web development team of All-Outdoors California White Water Rafting to serve as an informational resource about the Kaweah River and its surrounding area. We wish to thank Jim Cassady and Fryar Calhoun for the use of their book, California White Water, in compiling facts for this website.

Images courtesy of All-Outdoors California White Water Rafting.

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